Wednesday, February 15, 2012

telling you what to do .

There are tons of people out there who run blogs that think that they have the magic secrets of how to market your blog, how to get the most traffic, view, comments, etc. They think that they know everything there is to know and that they can get you thousands of followers. They make rules to abide by and suggest (and by suggest I mean tell you) that you should be doing this or that. What has the blogging world come to?

While I don't really condone a blog being a complete and total diary (Ex: I did this and this and this today) I'm not sure I like this either. Blogging is in a way... sacred? Is that too extreme of a word to use? For me it is a respite from the business of life and the busy-ness of my day. It is an excuse to write (something I love to do very much) and to practice my writing skills as well.

People seem to have all kinds of rules on how one should blog. People say things like there needs to be a selected topic, and you need to stay on task and you need to add photos and this and blah blah blah. While it's awesome to have readers and people that you interact with, it doesn't matter, in my opinion who reads. Whether they're just stalking a little bit, bored, interested, curious; whatever it may be, as long as they get something out of it, I'm a happy camper. Regardless, I'm perfectly happy putting my thoughts down for both myself and everybody else. It's a good catalyst for catharsis for me.

I write about life. I write about my life, I write about the things that happen around me, I write about the thoughts that occur in my head and the things that cross my mind. The title explains that in two words -- I write about, put simply, life. Screw what everyone else says blogs should be or how they should be written -- I think that 'Simply, Life' is all the explanation that I need.

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