Thursday, February 2, 2012

so sick .

So this morning when I woke up I was not feeling well. For no reason at all, I felt really nauseous. I had a test today and really wanted to at least get that out of the way... but didn't make it anywhere near. The test was at 330 this afternoon, and I had to go to Redfern (the medical center on campus) around 1030. Turns out there's a stomach bug going around that's not quite the flu, but has similar symptoms. Now I had only felt nauseous a few times this morning, but decided to go in anyways. Good thing I did, because I ended up throwing up while I was there... I can't even the last time I've thrown up, it's been so long. Luckily, it was actually not as bad as I remember it... I'd imagine every time is different though. So at this point, I haven't eaten anything in a little over 24 hours, and I have a headache (I'd imagine from the not eating) but I've been sipping on some water and gatorade at the doc's suggestion.

Amazingly, I've never even been to Redfern before now (more than halfway through my third year in college) because I've never been sick enough to go. It's a pretty impressive record, I think.

All today though, I've just been exhausted, completely gassed. I slept from 11 this morning when I got home until 6pm this evening. I stayed in bed and only got up once or twice, simply because it's just so straining to do anything. I sucked it up and did my Daily Activity for statistics, though, since my professor likes those done the day of... other than that, I've just been resting.

The weirdest part of today is the dreams that I've been having while sleeping. It's one reoccurring one that happens over and over and over, and I think it may have stemmed from a movie I watched part of recently... The Day the Earth Stood Still was on TV the other day, and I watched it for a bit... and you know the huge alien robot thing that is comprised of tons of smaller ones? Well in my dreams, I've been like that... except I can't even control myself. Every movement in my bed, every little thing is the decision of some higher power that I can't do anything about... It's a little nerve-racking to wake up and feel like you won't be able to move on your own.

I've decided to take tomorrow's classes off too, since all I have is studio. I haven't thrown up again since they gave me the medication, but I just wanna be sure I can fight the rest of it off. I also have a good bit of work to do for my job, and I really need to make some headway on that before Monday. So tomorrow will probably be a mixture of sleeping and working, if all goes according to plan.. I'd imagine I'm not even going to try to eat anything. I just don't want it coming back up.

Anyways, if you could throw a few prayers my way, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Oh you poor thing.....been there. Honker down with some hot tea, a cozy blanket and a good book. Let it run its course. Take good care...


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