Saturday, February 4, 2012

forgotten .

If you're on blogspot, did you ever notice the little bar at the top of the page that has the 'follow' and 'share' also has a 'next blog' button? Ever click it? It randomly sends you to other blogs. I'm not exactly sure how it does that... but it picks out one for you to read. With the number of blogs that are out there, rarely ever do I find one that I really like. When I get sick and frustrated with that, I go onto the blogs that I follow and check out the followers on those to see if there's anyone's that I'd like to follow. See, I'm not just gonna follow someone just to get some exposure for mine -- it's not Twitter (not that I even do that on Twitter either..).

I enjoy reading the posts by people, and I really do read every post that other people post on the blogs that I follow. I always find a way to make time for it, which is probably a good reason why I don't follow that many blogs. But I wonder -- how many are out there that have been forgotten?

I feel like there's a great many that people just don't write on anymore. I used to immediately follow a blog that had content that I liked... but now I always check the most recent post date. If it's not within a month or so, I'm not gonna follow. I had a few friends who started blogs and then never kept up with them. It's unfortunate, really, because I think that it has the potential to become a great outlet. Maybe for some people it's a little too personal. And I get that.

Hell, I don't even know if it's possible to delete the blog. But I think a lot of them sort of dwindle away into the dust. It's like Myspace -- anyone ever log into their Myspace page recently? Didn't think so. But I'd be willing to bet it still exists -- meaning you never really officially deleted it. Funny, because as far as I know, I officially deleted my Facebook... it shouldn't be accessible anywhere.

Anyways, was just thinking about that. I'm hoping that my blog never becomes dust.

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  1. Blog dust....interesting concept. Ha. Guess it's like getting lost in cyberspace. I know what you mean. To be worth have to have some kind of connection and shared interest.


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