Wednesday, February 15, 2012

real life .

Recently some buddies and I have been trying to solidify our living situation for the next academic year. Living at the Reserve is easy enough, because I literally just pay my rent and that's about it. There's no bills (with the exception of electric, but Zach takes care of that and we all pay him back) which is so easy. So for next year, we're looking for a house -- like, a house house. Something that will be off campus, but not just in an apartment complex.

The first time people live in their own house, I would imagine, is for the most part after college. But I wanted to try something new and different. It may be a little more expensive, and it may be a little bit more work to take care of and make work, but I think it has the potential to be a great experience. It's just one more reminder that I really am growing up -- taking control of things and looking ahead to the future and whatnot.

This upcoming trip to Canada is another one. I've been on some long road trips by myself before, like the  time I drove up to Vermont to snowboard for a few days, or even just driving down to Clemson and back to Jersey once a year with my family. But this one is a 9 day Canadian extravaganza, that we pretty much planned all on our own, with cost estimates and the whole nine yards. I don't think i could have done that when I was younger.

To be honest, it makes me less worried about living on my own and figuring things out while I'm in grad school (whenever that happens). And while life will continue to bring new challenges and obstacles, I fel confident knowing that I have planned on my own, arranged living situations, paid bills, and done just about everything except taxes on my own. I'm on my way to real adulthood and real life!

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