Tuesday, February 14, 2012

genres .

Genres of music, of clothes, of jobs, of people, of everything. Why must everything be categorized? My mind works this way; and it indeed seems like the most logical way to do things -- I walk around during the day with lists in my mind, and circles of categories and whatnot filling up in various spaces. I was talking tonight with someone about music and they asked me to name a few of my favorite artists. I realized that I had to have them ask me a genre and then I'd name a few artists, and even then, it was extremely difficult.

Basically I realized that genre is somewhat of a classification -- which instantly brings me back to sophomore year of high school in biology class, when we learned how the scientific names are formed (kingdom, phylum etc.. etc... I completely forget the acronym as well as the pneumonic device...enlighten me?). But this is classification of a different sort entirely. I think that we all sort of classify things into our own little categories depending on what it is (that sentence is most definitely entirely too vague). With music, though, new classes and genres are completely created out of nothing. There are so many that I lose track...

I'm just gonna make some piece of music and say its genre is fruit explosion. The end.

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