Monday, February 13, 2012

spending freely .

I've always been taught to be very thrifty with my money; to conserve and save and be prepared for everything. I'm not saying I'd like to be in debt ever, though it seems like the time when I finally pay off the debt of college is forever away, I think that spending is something that you need to just allow yourself to do sometimes.

I am an online shopper -- I hate actually having to go to the store to get something. I probably have about 5000 accounts with various places so that I could use their website and online shop. I may sometimes be a sucker for sales or something like that; I play it off as being an opportunist. A wise friend once told me I should use the one week rule -- if you look at something and still really want it after a week, then go ahead and buy it. But buying impulsively is not the best thing to do, especially if you end up not wanting it later on.

I have one exception to this rule, and it has to do with experiences. This past weekend I was in Greenville on a group ride, and afterwards went out to lunch with my roommate. When thinking about what drink to get, I initially thought to just get water to save on cost. But you know what? I only live once. I got a beer. To celebrate my first 60+ mile ride. To celebrate good friendships and a great roommate. To celebrate my good health in being able to do rides. To celebrate life. Sometimes you just gotta say, you know what, this, is worth my money.

Often I go out to the ever-popular Cook Out here in Clemson with a couple of other guys. Not only does it provide a much needed break from work, and releases some mental stress, but it's cheap and fun. Granted, it does certainly add up over time, but I think the fun late-night drives and laughter and smiles is completely worth it.

Because let's be honest -- what sort of person are you if you put a price on friendship, smiles, laughter and experience? I don't want to be that person now, and I don't ever want to be that person. If it means spending a couple of extra bucks -- you can count me in.

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