Saturday, March 16, 2013

Airports and Flight Etiquette .

While sitting in the airport today I heard this kid complaining about what he believed to be "Flight Etiquette 101". Well dude, hate to break it to you but things never work out that way, and you should just shut up. I usually just pray to the good Lord that I don't sit next to someone so large that they are overflowing into my seat, and whose arms are swallowing up mine on the armrest (and yes, that has unfortunately happened before...). It's never comfortable, and my height never allows me to stretch my legs, but flying is what it is and still gets you there in one piece, which is the important part. It sure is easier than driving, but I'm beginning to like driving more and more. I like the little rest stops and podunk towns you end up going through. Wherever I end up going to grad school (the "accepted" list has climbed to include both UCLA and Oregon) I will be driving out there because I really want my car out there with me, and naturally that will be a hell of a multi-day drive. But it's okay. I don't mind putting the miles on my truck (as long as it stays in one piece, which lately has been a struggle) and it's really interesting saying you've actually been to certain states as opposed to just flying over them. It lets you experience more, if only a little bit.

And so we've all been there through crying babies, people who stare at you while you're sitting down, people who want to tell you their life story on the plane, people who treat you like dirt, and everything under the sun that we could complain about at the airport (including waiting for your ride to get there for hours) but at the end of the day the important thing is that you got there safely and soundly, even if it was a little uncomfortable and gross. Happy travels, whenever they may be and wherever they may take you.


  1. haha,,
    i so can relate to any airport/flight experience. i love a car drive. i mean i can stand 24 hours drive and actually enjoy the trip. but with plane, i don't think i can enjoy the flight. i just have to go with it. i really hate hate long hours of flight. and let me tell you that 27 hours of flight is an ultimate torture!


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