Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break 2013 .

For the entirety of my college career I have never gone somewhere warm for Spring Break. Freshman year, I puppysat for my friend and just stayed at school (which I guess is warm, given it's South Carolina, but I didn't really travel anywhere). Sophomore year I went home with my roommate Josh up to Jersey, to hang out and visit NYC and all that fun stuff. It was in the 30's and rained a few days too. Last year, I can't really remember what I did (that alone tells you how exciting it was) but I'm pretty sure I went home to work for the week.

But this year is different. After trucking through an agonizing 9 weeks apart, I am finally on my way to visit my girlfriend in Naples, Florida where she is working. 9 weeks is the longest we've been apart to date, and it was not easy. And so this time, I'll be in somewhere sunny and warm for Spring Break. I'm not really much of a beach person, and hopefully it's not too terribly hot (or humid, because I sweat uncontrollably) but I'm sure no matter what happens it will be a break from school and that's what I need most.

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