Friday, March 1, 2013

Stressin' Hard .

Boy, what a day. Wake up early, go in to studio and study. Take an exam. Grab a quick lunch. Finish up a project for structures. Go to structures class. Rush home. Finish job application and send it off. Run back to school to go to a play for class. Run home. Run out to get groceries. Then of course there's the emotional things that catch you by surprise and turn into long talks. Finally, it's now midnight, and I'm back at home. Ever have days where you feel like you just never stop running? That was today.

I'm exhausted. And yet I don't want to go to sleep. Sometimes even when your body stops, your mind continues to run at a million miles a minute. It was nice to talk with a roommate and just get a lot of baggage off my chest. Always great to have friends that are there to listen when you just need to vent and bitch. But such is life, and time is one of the most uncontrollable things out there. Can't slow it down, can't speed it up, and sure as hell can't stop it.

On a final note before I sign off, there's a cool post over by Kristin over at Vignettes. It's all about being interactive and leaving comments and such, which is totally spot on. Props to Kristin. I'll be making it a point to comment more on the things I read with what I'm thinking...

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