Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tips for Up and Coming Bloggers .

So you've just started your blog and you are already finding that you are struggling to think of what to write about. However, you really think blogging would be a cool venture and you want to continue writing. Well I'm glad that you found this post, because I'm going to help you out!

For a lot of people that start blogging, they are not used to sharing their thoughts on the internet in such an extended fashion. While I would venture a guess that most people in their 20's and 30's these days have either a Facebook, a Twitter or both, the tidbits of information shared there are far from the content and thought needed for a blog post. Let's be honest, you can't really write a substantial amount about what sandwich you're eating for lunch (...or can you? challenge anyone?).

Most people sit down at their computer, trying to think about what to write about, and draw blanks. Hell, I still do that a lot of the time and I've been blogging for several years. The key to it all is harnessing the inspiration when it hits you. Now most of us have a relatively demanding schedule and that means that we can't DEAB -- that is Drop Everything And Blog (haha, anybody remember DEAR? Drop Everything And Read in grade school??). So find a way to write down a few quick notes or tidbits so that you can write about it later. I use sticky notes on my computer, written notes on my class notebooks, texts to myself, whatever fits your fancy, is quick and convenient.

Now I know a few people that, when starting a blog, say "Oh, I'm going to get myself on a blogging schedule.." While it's nice to have little reminders for yourself to write down your thoughts, it should be noted that there is no requirement on how much or how often you have to blog. No one is going to judge you if you don't post often, though they may very well implore you to write more often because they enjoy reading about your life! I write every day, but that's because I actually create books out of my blog posts. That way in years to come, I'll literally have an entire volumed set of my life on paper. Pretty cool; I like keeping up with that. It'll be an amazing thing for my kids to read one day, if I have kids. And if not, I can always revisit that later.

If you're struggling with inspiration, just turn the lights off and try to go to bed early. I have so many things flying around my head when I'm trying to sleep it's not even funny, which is usually why I write before I go to sleep.

And most of all? Read other people's blogs. You'll find that not only do you make a lot of connections that turn into great friends, motivators and encouragers and people you can share your success and sadness alike with, but also they will become people that you can draw inspiration from.

There's no need to force yourself to do anything. It's no secret that blogging is not for everything, just as vlogging and Youtube videos are not for everyone. Just look inside yourself and listen really hard to hear your inner dialogue. Believe me, your brain is a lot more active with all these random thoughts than you might think. I hope that if someone is contemplating starting a blog, that this encourages you to get started! And remember, if you really hate it? You can always stop writing! It shouldn't be a chore; it should be something enjoyable, rewarding and exciting! Happy blogging!

**If you know of friends who are looking for a few pointers to get started feel free to forward them to this post!


  1. haha,,
    i don't have a twitter and i barely open my facebook. i don't know what pinterest is. so i think writing on the blog is my advance writing outlet (beside paper and paper napkin in coffee shops).

    i still have that blank stare with my screen sometimes. many times. not just with writing on the blog, but also when it comes to my work. the difference? my work has deadline. blog doesn't.

  2. What great tips! I am very glad you pointed out that there is no such thing as "too frequent" or "too infrequent" as far as blogging posts. I usually do two posts per week (Mon and Thur usually) while others do daily. It's up to each person. Also, you're right in that sometimes inspiration just hits you. Sometimes it will be a simple random thing that someone says and I will immediately write it down for an idea for a future post (I have a bunch of these written down). Great post Greg.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I do the same thing with writing things down!! Things that happen, something someone says, and end up creating a whole post about it.

  3. Thanks for doing your part to help out blogging noobs like myself. You made a lot of great points. Thanks for that.

    1. Anytime big guy. Looking forward to more from you.


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