Friday, March 22, 2013

On Vacationing .

Vacations are simply just that: a break away from normal life. Unfortunately, all vacations must come to an end, and that means that you must return to your normal (and often much busier) life. No more sleeping in, no more lazy mornings, and that's not to say that there won't be any more fun (though let's be honest, sometimes you just can't find time to fit it in). I've found that the way a vacation works is usually as follows:

You get there on the first day, excited to be wherever you have arrived, and the time holds so much promise, as you have the entirety of your trip to go! Adventure awaits you and excitement is around the corner!

Usually the first night you totally crash into bed, dead beat because of whatever type of traveling you have done during the day. Even a few hours on a plane can make you exhausted, and just the hassle of security and waiting and whatnot.

You awake the next morning, ready to tackle all the things you had planned -- which might very well be nothing at all. Though if you're my family, you have about 8 kajillion things packed into every waking moment that we are at our destination... That's why the occasional golf trip I take with my dad is such a reprieve of a vacation, as our day consists of: wake up, play 18 holes of golf, eat lunch, sit in a hot tub, sleep, dinner, coffee, sleep again.

By the middle of your vacation, you realize that you've already blown through half of it and you ask yourself where the fuck has the time gone?! I just got here!! And you do your best to enjoy the rest of your stay, but nagging you in the back of your mind is that sinking feeling that you'll have to leave relatively soon. In fact, the only time I really haven't gotten this feeling is when I studied abroad for a semester. After arriving in Spain in August, I was so ready to go home in December, probably partially because the holidays were coming up and I was excited just to be home.

The night before your departure from your getaway, feelings can only be described as melancholy. You look back on the time you spent there, and smile at all the great memories you made, and upon realizing you're leaving tomorrow, you frown again. Why couldn't my vacation be just a little longer?

Well I'll tell you why. For the same reason that Christmas happens only once a year. For the same reason that the work week starts back up every Monday. For the same reason that school begins in September. There always has to be an end to the vacation -- or else it wouldn't be a vacation anymore, it would just be your lazy expensive life.

I usually find that by the end of the longer breaks, like summer vacation and winter break that I'm ready to go again; that while I will dread the workload and all the things that I constantly have to do come time for the school year, it'll be a nice change of pace from going to work all the time (though I have to admit, it is SO nice having a nice regular paycheck). It's great to get back to all the friends you have at school, and feel once again as though you are living life on your own. On that note.. living life on my own for real scares me a bit. But that's a topic for another post. Spring break, however, always leaves something to be desired. It's like someone started summer and then pulled April Fool's out on you. Regardless, it's great to just stop working for awhile (or at least going to class -- college kids never really have time to stop working...).

As tonight is my last night in Florida, I can't help but be a little upset. Leaving tomorrow afternoon means not only a long day of traveling to get back home (estimated time of arrival in Clemson is 3am, after driving my truck back from the airport), but also the beginning of another countdown until I can spend time with my girlfriend again. Thankfully, we only have to wait until my graduation, which luckily she will be able to attend. This post will be continued -- probably tomorrow, while I'm sitting in the airport :) Goodnight everybody.


  1. Your post had me laughing, what a treat. A lazy expensive life, so true! I am actually on a sort of holiday. I am working part time now and I am really loving it. A break mid-week and then friday off. It is so good for my mental health, except I try to jam a week's worth of work in to my short schedule oops. I leave in two weeks for a holiday in LA. So far I have shopping planned, dancing, karaoke and meeting John Stamos. Yup.

    1. Holiday in LA! Very cool. Never been myself, but have heard nothing but good things. Just watch your pockets... enjoy the trip!


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