Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pre-SB Review

This past Wednesday, I had a studio review. Ended up pulling an all-nighter for it on Tuesday, but it paid off and went well. There were some gaps on my boards, but that was to be expected (as in, I knew they were there) and when it comes down to the wire you really need to just sort of decide what you really want to spend time on and what you can push back for later. I've always been pretty decent at explaining what my project is about and how everything comes together, and that ability has truly benefitted me to the absolute maximum when it comes to grading. For those up and coming architecture students out there, take heed: explanation goes a long way.

However, my teacher did tell me that despite the gaps, that I was "on fire conceptually" and that had really thought everything out really well and explained every little bit of why it was laid out the way it was. That's really good to hear, and compliments like those are the kind of thing that drive you to do better, and fuel your aspirations and goals. And so at the end, I was finally able to focus my attention to the upcoming (much-needed) break. Just wanted you all to know that your well-wishes helped!

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  1. that sounds great!
    and i'm sending another wishing well for you


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