Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Propane Chronicles: Part III

This morning I awoke to the sounds of a giant truck on the road. Given our dead end road that has all of about 10 homes, it could only be one thing: the propane company. They had called Josh this morning and had come to rid us of cold bundled up nights.

After he was done the guy came to the door and gave us the bill after doing a little inspection to make sure everything was working properly. There was one giant unfortunate mistake... somewhere along the line, the information had not gotten through that we only wanted / needed 100 gallons in the tank. He filled it -- 230 gallons, and a $700 dollar bill.

Now if you're thinking, "That's not bad at all for a year's worth of propane" you're right. The problem is, we move out in May, and now we have all this propane. I guess the company assumes if you run out and want a trip out there that they're going to fill it. Normally this would be the case. However, as broke college kids, a $700 dollar bill is HUGE. Especially when you have to pay rent, internet, electricity, water... (all of which adds up to about $500 a month) plus gas, food and whatever else (if you have some spare change left over you know?)

Every cent counts, and this was totally an unforeseen cost to begin with, let alone filling a tank when we only needed about 40%. But, there's nothing we can do now except scrape together money and call our parents to see if they can help us out. We've decided since we're paying for it, we might as well use it... the house is at an almost too warm 75... Live and learn!


  1. in college or not, i hate it when things like that happen. it's just thing that we don't need that much and cost us more. and the fact you guys will move out in May. can you complaint to the company and fix that problem?

    1. Well, we could but the only way would be for them to take propane out of the tank, and I don't think that's possible. I think for right now we just need to eat the cost and learn from the mistake for the future!

    2. Glad you will be keeping warm! Maybe there are some things you could sell online to make a few bucks or figure out some cheap meals to make for the next few weeks that might save you some coin. Good luck!

    3. Thanks Vanessa, yes I think we are all going to have to cut back on some things, and maybe ask our parents for some help. Thanks for the well-wishes!


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