Tuesday, March 19, 2013


While health studies have been done to support the fact that laughter is one of the best medicines, it only takes common sense to know that laughter is one of the healthiest things that a person can do. While it generally represents the high points of the best memories, laughter is a great thing to share with friends and family, and of course leads to those awesome "you had to be there" moments.

Laughter is really interesting in its decision to come and go so quickly, though, often the more you shouldn't be laughing the harder it is to stop! Even as adults, everyone has their silliest and goofy and silly streaks, and those are the moments to truly be treasured.

When you're having the bluest of days and the most upsetting of happenings, laughter is the one thing that can really bring you out of a funk (or, in my case, the gym too..). So if you're feeling down today, listen to a comic, enjoy a special shared memory with a friend, or just read some silly things in the news. I find that one of the most hilarious things is reading the airplane safety manuals and purposefully misinterpreting them...

And if you're in a good mood, keep on keepin' on man!


  1. You know what I do? Whenever I have a bad day or are feeling down about something, I put in a DVD of one of my favorite comedy shows (Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The Office, etc.) and within a few minutes I am already feeling better! Laughter does wonders.

  2. Have you been to laughing yoga? I want to try this so bad! At my group therapy session last week a bunch of people were being humerous and the whole group was in stiches. Man, it felt good to howl!

    1. I haven't haha and I don't think I could bring myself to go! Sounds hilarious but I would feel like such a goof!


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