Saturday, April 23, 2011

e-love .

As social networking becomes more and more prevalent in today's society the question arises, at least for me, at what point has it gone too far? At what point do we finally take a step back and say, hey, why can't we just go out and meet people instead of staying on the internet? Granted, the internet provides virtually limitless possibilities, and since facebook basically took over and became one of the largest social networking sites, if not the largest, it is so easy to go around skimming over people like you're shopping in a supermarket. Pictures, videos, statuses, wall conversations.

But it doesn't stop there.

There are tons of "internet love" sites. Plenty of fish, e-harmony, matchmaker, etc... to name a few. People even post want-ads on craigslist, whether they're looking for love or looking to fool around -- regardless of whether or not they're married. It's kinda insane... where you can almost get to the point where you can straight up stalk somebody, and as long as you are "friends" on facebook or something like that, you can see all of their information and pictures etc.

Maybe that encourages us to judge people a lot more and a lot more quickly -- maybe not. But I think there's something to be said that in that people seem to hide behind their computer screens a lot more -- especially in the dating world. It's just easier that way -- rejection hurts less when it's not to your face. I get that. But it's time that we stop giving that option to everyone. In the internet age, I think it's quite possible to say that our generation has lost some people skills -- simply because we're more inclined to just use an easier (and by easier, I mean with less interaction) way to do things. Why call someone when you can just send a text? Why ask a girl to go out with you for coffee if you can just send her a facebook message?

And then of course there are the silly things that break the ice. Example? Poke. Here's how the thought process might go....

Hmm.... this girl is real cute... but I don't really know her that well. I guess I could talk to her in class? But what if she thinks that's really weird and I'm creepy. Well... maybe I could ask her for her number first.. No... that would be too forward. I'll just poke her and see if she pokes me back:)

Utter ridiculousness? Perhaps. You decide.

Maybe for some people it works. Maybe the compatibility tests work, and maybe some of those relationships really end up being great. But I think in the end, we are people... and we're not perfect. So as much as the numbers might add up, there can always be that hidden variable that could completely throw it off. What's my solution to the equation? Get out there and be sociable, be courteous and chivalrous, and just have fun -- in person, of course.

Lyric of the day:
"I don't like the sound of this, no news is bad news"

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