Saturday, April 23, 2011

a voice through words .

I love how how a person writes can be a characteristic of who they are. With some people, you can read what they write and actually hear them saying it inside your head. Maybe that's an effect of just knowing them really well, or maybe it's just hearing them speak and then relating it to the words. But I think people tend to just write how they would speak.

This is especially true for me, when I blog, I think... I'm not entirely positive, though, you guys would have to verify that. But that voice of people really comes out in their writing, especially when it's just sort of written in stream-of-consciousness.

Perhaps that's one of the things that makes writing so personal -- is that you can hear the voice of people, you can hear them as if they were talking to you, despite the fact that the voice is only in your head as you head it silently to yourself. This post isn't very long, but I just thought it was neat how you could pick out certain people, or think to yourself how it sounded like certain people when you read something.

Lyric of the day:
"Dear slip these on your tongue, let us see it's a reinvention"

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