Saturday, April 2, 2011

i can't wait .

For awhile now,  I've known that Owl City has a new record coming out. The album is entitled "All Things Bright and Beautiful," and I truly cannot wait for it. I keep thinking to myself and wonder how the heck I am going to wait all the way until May 17th for it to be out. It's then that I truly realize that Owl City is probably my favorite artist. I've never been able to say that before.

There's a sea of them out there. They're everywhere, and while some are known, others are just beginning, or maybe their legacy is coming to a close. But there are artists out there. And there are a whole ton of them. Some are diamonds in the ruff, to coin a Disney catch phrase. Others are miserable and won't ever make it. But to me the important part is that they love it. All of them love it.

I picked up my guitar a bit more recently and it's been really good to just sit down and do that. I've actually been learning some new songs and almost surprising myself at how easy of a time I've been having with that, despite the fact that I haven't really been playing lately. It's sad that I've lost that a bit. It's definitely a goal in general to pick it back up.

There was a video released recently, about the making of the album All Things Bright and Beautiful. The clips of music I heard sound awesome -- and it's always cool to go inside the mind of an artist a bit, since I am in a way an artist myself. One part stuck out to me though, and almost gave me chills: At one point he says, "I just have this... urge to do it. And I if I didn't I would feel like I couldn't sleep at night. If I wasn't making music, I don't know what I would be doing... I wouldn't be happy though."

Wow, is all that comes to mind.

I feel that way about music -- not so much making it, but just having it around. Sitting in silence just doesn't work for me. The fact that there is such a broad spectrum, such an immense selection and variation, and you can pick anything from the everything that is out there.

Random thought to end with, I'm going to start writing songs/poems/whatever comes to mind in either a. the little leather thing I bought over the summer, or b. in TextEdit. I just like it better than Word, I've decided. It allows you to not be limited to margins, and even just have a little box open.

Lyric of the day:
"Tell me again was it love at first sight"

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