Saturday, April 30, 2011

Music Monday #13

I never really discovered Dashboard Confessional to its full potential until recently. I only had a few songs, some that I knew about because of a youth group 'stations of the cross' that we put on each year. Or maybe the song "Vindicated" because of the Spiderman soundtrack. Although one day recently I downloaded the Dashboard Confessional discography on a whim. I think it's pretty much changed my life...

Every song I listen to has so much soul poured into it, and being an obsessive lyricist, I appreciate all the things that the songs say and the creative and profound way that they say them. The one song that hit me the most was one called "Get Me Right." It just so happened it was the first one I listened to.
and for the record, the acoustic version is just as good.

I'm not sure what the intent of the lyrics were. But the way it spoke to me, it was a message to put the sinful past behind and give yourself entirely to bettering yourself, to bettering MYself, to stop my wrongdoings and focus on what is right, ethically, spiritually, mentally, and all of the above.

Though we will never be perfect, the goal is to give myself up and let God just 'get me right.' Get my head in the right place, get my mind in the right mood, and get my heart in it period. And it's as simple as that.

Enjoy the song.

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