Sunday, April 3, 2011

the northern public .

I watched a video that popped up on AOL news recently, and it was about the general feeling of riding around on a subway in New York City. In some way I guess it could have been hinting about the general apathy one has about those around them. There was a video that was there, which will be posted below. But they mentioned how despite the fact that all of these people are in the same place, doing the same things, riding the public transportation; none of them talk, people don't acknowledge each other, and some don't even make eye contact. I can vouch for this. And in all honesty, I do the exact same thing as those people. You can be wedged into a subway car packed in like sardines, but you just sorta avert your eyes until you can get off. People are just another obstacle in the way, not really someone you want to sit down and talk to.

The video really hit home with me, how even striking up one conversation could make a difference like that. Perhaps it would bring a smile, or even just help out someone if they need it. But it was less about making a difference, and more about just the thoughts that run through those people's heads, and how different they are. They were asked different and difficult questions, like "what drives you more, fear or love?" or "what is the meaning of life in your eyes?" The responses are astonishing. So many different people, so many different schedules and daily agendas, so many different ways of life. And yet they are all here on this subway, they are all here in New York City. They all live, eat, breathe, work, and sleep together. And so many have done nothing but walk with their head down and headphones in, trying their best to avoid people as they walk around.

I'm not that much of an outgoing person until I know you well. And it begins to get uncomfortable for me sometimes when people are so outgoing, it almost feels like they are invading my personal bubble for a bit. And perhaps the problem is that I need a lot of space in that personal bubble. But is it really a problem? Eh, probably not. Just the way people live up there. The way I grew up, and the way I am.

Anyways, there's not much else to explain really... and to be honest I've sort of forgotten the flood of thoughts I had earlier when I watched it this morning. But enjoy, and seriously, think about it for a bit. It really made me think, that's for sure.

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