Sunday, April 3, 2011

vlogging v. blogging .

It's crazy to think how long I've been writing. But it's also crazy the number of other people that do it. Even still, it's astonishing at the number of things on youtube. You can find anything, in any category. The internet has truly made the world of accessibility virtually limitless. With a few keyboard taps and clicks of the mouse, you can find exactly what you want. Sometimes that's good sometimes that's bad, but that's besides the point.

I like words. Writing essays has never bothered me, and I have even took higher level and more classes of English than I needed to. I never thought of it as something I really loved to do. But sometimes it's just nice. It's so easy to just sit down and spew words out onto the page. Perhaps spew isn't the right sort of word there, it has a bit of a negative connotation... But anyways, it's interesting how it's developed into what it has. And even sort of pushed me to have this blog and keep it going. Funny, how "writing" has sort of evolved into "typing." There are no erasures, no cross outs. If I kept track of all the mistakes I make typing it would look like insanity on the paper. Truly. Typing is so much easier -- and yet writing has so much more personality. You can see the imperfections, and the little things that people do that make it truly their own and unique. I guess typing has just become the faster, neater way to do things.

I wanted to talk about people who vlog, though, as opposed to people who blog. Writing, in any form, is pretty easy. You don't know who really is going to see it.. and no one really sees you. Even if there are harsh criticisms to endure, and miserable consequences, your physical stature is not really ever affected or judged. Only your words.

And so it blows my mind, how these people on youtube just put themselves out there. Whether it's just a stupid video, or a vlog, or lifecasting; whether you are one of big well known names or not, you're out there. And they're never ashamed to get out there. Ever. Or at least, so it seems.

To me, I guess I feel like you have to have the right kind of personality to be on youtube. It's like being on TV... sort of. TV you might have a large audience initially, but it can't really be replayed. But on Youtube, people can find your video whenever they want, so long as you have it public.

I guess I just don't think I could ever put myself out like that. To be out there, bringing my life into the eyes of so many, just in an instant. I sometimes wonder about these "youtube stars." Don't they ever feel like their privacy is being invaded? It seems like so much of their life is filmed -- which is great, for the memories, for sure. But at some point, for me there would be a limit. And I guess you could say I still share quite a bit through this blog -- but I feel like nothing to the extent of vloggers that are out there. Just a different way of sharing, I guess.

Lyric of the day:
"let it go, 'cause dreams don't turn to dust"

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