Tuesday, April 12, 2011

transcending reality .

I took AP physics in high school, and the class was an absolute miserable time, academically anyways. The teacher was the man, he was just tough and didn't take any crap. The kids I took it with were fun too, despite the common misconception that we were all nerds. We worked our butts off, but had fun doing it. Now before I begin rambling incessantly, I'm going to focus on the point at hand.

At one point, we talked about different dimensions, and different theories for not only how the universe was made, but how it continues to exist. Some like string theory, others argue that dimensions are set up like slices of bread, and that they only interact when the pulsations of these slices happen to slam into each other, creating a space-time rift. It's pretty heavy mental stuff to even fathom. And yet there we were as high-schoolers doing it anyways.

The idea was that maybe what we were all doing was a dream, or at the very least something that wasn't even real. What if all we experienced in a day, a year, a lifetime, was so insignificant to the point where it was all a big dream? What if you just sorta woke up randomly, having dreamed an entire lifetime as a human being? What if we don't even actually exist, and what we see and do is only a perception of our minds. What if we all see things completely differently, and when you're looking at a car I see a horse? Sure maybe we can agree on things and what they look like. But maybe what we should be thinking about is "is it even really there?"

We rely on concrete verification of things to know whether or not things exist. That's why religion is so tough. But obviously if I get hit by a bus, I'm sure as hell going to say it exists! But then again -- maybe not, right?

If you think I'm absolutely nuts right now, then just take a break from reading this and clear your mind first, and then come back to it. Approach the concept with an open mind. I'm not saying this is what I believe, I'm not saying that this is what is right, and I'm not saying it's even a valid idea.

I'm just saying, maybe everything that we perceive to be real and concrete, in actuality, isn't. For years (or at least, an amount of time that we have designated years) we have lived on this limited Earth, going about life as if we are the only thing out there. I can't help but think about the closing scene of Men In Black (I can't remember if it's the first or second movie) where they zoom out of the world, and everything you've just scene has gone on inside of a mere locker of a completely different planet with ridiculous-looking beings. What if we were in that metaphorical locker?

Sometimes I think about an ant, and how their world must be so limited to the dirt piles they make around the yard. If they were ever to walk, even from just my house to the ocean, about a 20 minute drive, they would be forever away from home, in a completely different world. The scale is all relative. And luckily, we are relatively big on the scale, and thus that makes it easier to preserve our very existence. But there's always that possibility that everything around us is dreamed up, and over time the dreaming has become so intense that it has simply turned into a reality. Insanity? Maybe. But just do me a favor and think about it. I'd love to hear responses on this one -- if ya feel up to it. Until then, enjoy yourself and God bless.

Lyric of the day:
"heroes get remembered, legends never die"

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