Monday, April 4, 2011

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Given unlimited money and time, I think I would just go everywhere in the world. I want to see it all, and I've always sort of felt that way. I can't imagine staying in one place my entire life. Granted, at some point you just sorta gotta settle down and have a family. But if that plan doesn't work out, I really don't think I'll have of the problem of just going around doing my own thing. Although, that's going to make it quite hard to hold down a job, yes? Probably.

To some extent, I'm mostly interested in life around the states. I'd love to spend time in places that I've never been. I mean, I've been in two or three regions... My northeast mess of an area, super northeast where it's bitter cold like Vermont (which I loved) and of course the southeast, which honestly, I have not been too impressed with. The south just seems too slow-paced for me. I long for that craziness of New York City, the constant traffic, the sort of thing that never sleeps. And maybe that doesn't have to actually be downtown in a city, but I mean, I want some sort of thing.

I really want to explore out west more. Try out some arid and dry, like Arizona. Something real country with ranches and giant farms, like Texas or Oklahoma. Of course, I wanna get out to the midwest... it was gorgeous when I was out there looking at colleges. It blew my mind how they had these roads that just went on straight for miles and miles and miles. And at night, with so few lights, oh how the sky looked so absolutely huge. It was certainly something else.

I'd like to visit Detroit, despite the fact that it's considered a dump by many. And that sort of area up around the border, like Minnesota and Wisconsin: the sort of places that are super small-town, little tiny things where everyone knows everyone else, and they sort of function strictly in their own community. Some little tiny hole in the wall basically.

I've been out to California, but definitely want to go out there again. A whole new coast, a whole new life. And I want to go all up and down that area, up to Washington state and Seattle, all the way down to southern California.

And all of that is only in the states. I just wanna go all over... and I plan to eventually, hopefully on a motorcycle trip. If you've ever read the book Blue Highways, it's something similar to that. It inspired me so much, and the guy just learned so much. I want to experience everything there is out there. And just take it all in, one day at a time. Maybe bring along a few cameras, and a notebook, some clothing and bathing essentials, and just go. No map, no gps... just me and the road. No agenda, no schedule, I do what I want when I want, meet new people, listen to stories, gain advice, and maybe come back with a greater sense of who I am.

I've had this itching inside me for a long time -- just to want to get up and go. Someday it will happen, and even though it's not now, and probably won't be for awhile, I'm not gonna get past 30 without making it happen. Maybe I'll even write a book or something about everything. And hopefully blog about stuff too, of course. For now, I'm in school. When I'll be able to take this trip, I have no idea. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Whether I take this trip alone, or with someone else or a few other people, should be a great experience either way.

Lyric of the day:
"Two to one, Static to the sound of you and I"

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