Saturday, April 23, 2011

you won't remember, but i will .

Ever have those people that you meet, that actually impact you in some sort of way, but you kinda get the feeling that in their mind, you'll just sort of blow away with the wind? Maybe it's something really trivial that happened that just really touched you .. and yet it was just a part of the everyday life of another.

Example: There was a time last year where I was having a rough day. And I can't remember fully, but I'm pretty sure that I was having a rough week as well.. but there happened to be this guy handing out little slips of paper that just basically was a pick-me-up in a few sentences. It assured you that whatever you were going through would pass, and that everything would be okay. He just handed it to me with a smile, and I reluctantly took it, assuming that it would be some stupid flyer. I was on the way to class and was a bit late, so I just shoved it in my pocket... but when I took it out later and actually read it, it was amazing to realize that that guy had picked me out to hand that little paper to.

I'll never forget that guy, and I'll never forget what he did. To this day I've never seen him again.

But there's other things that happen too. Sometimes the person just has a profound effect on you. Recently I met someone who I had initially judged based on stereotypes and assumptions, and when I got to know them, they were different than expected. Granted I'm sure that to some extent the stereotypes might hold true. Stereotypes wouldn't be there if none of them were true. We click in an interesting sort of way, but in the back of my mind, I know that it'll never be more than it is, and that friendship would go nowhere. Which is fine, there just always exists a sort of what-if factor. But that can be applied pretty much in any situation.

So while I may be just one more dust particle in your life, whether it makes a difference or not to say it, but you made a difference in mine.

Lyric of the Day:
"but, you're chasin' the ghost of a good thing, haunting yourself as the real thing"

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