Sunday, July 17, 2011

the blog book .

So obviously I have this blog, and there are posts all over the place and I fully intend to continue to post things as long as I possibly can -- but what to do with it all at some point much later in life? Originally I had wanted to 'publish' them year by year, as a sort of literal book that I can store on a shelf to collect dust, but only for the time being. Perhaps one day I'll be comfortable with my parents reading these, as they currently don't (at least to my knowledge... I've never given the link; and if you are, shame on you) but I think more so I'd want my kids to read it, and future wife, something like that. I would hope that perhaps the kids would be able to understand me a bit more, see where certain ideologies come from and where virtues have been birthed.

Simply put, it might help them to 'get' me.

A while back when I didn't have my own computer to putz around with I started a word document on the family PC to sort of write down things that I didn't like that my parents did or said, or rules that they made about things. I wanted to give myself a bit of a reminder as to what I didn't like and why, because the likelihood is that my kids may have the same issues with me as a parent. Allowing a nostalgic viewpoint may help when making decisions as a parent. Given that there is no guide to parenting and you basically have to feel your way along, this could be really valuable.

In the same way that a blog book may help kids understand me, it could do quite the opposite simultaneously. It would remind me of the way I felt in the time of life that they are currently at: Wanting freedom, independence, setting forth their own footsteps and wanting their parents to get the fuck out of their lives and let them live; yet still being there to financially back ambitious endeavors through the stomps on the face. I can't imagine it to be very easy. Let's just say, parenthood is a challenge that must be worked for till the end.

The main problem thus far is that I haven't the slightest of how to even officially print something like this. Then there are the videos and things that have been posted, and there is no real way to put that in as well; though I must admit that those are less important to me than the things that I write in full content. It's the thoughts and dreams and commentary that float through my mind that I would like to not only remember, but keep around as a reminder of not only the memories, but a reminder of why those feelings took place. Perhaps it'll just take a little finagling to get it to all work.

And on that note, I bid you adieu, and I promise on Tuesday I'll go back to the conversation topic of real life versus social networking.

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