Saturday, July 16, 2011

RealLife .

With all of the various ways of social networking out there, it's sometimes hard to remember that there actually is a real life out there. Google+ just came out and to be honest I haven't the slightest idea what it is -- though from what I hear, it's awfully similar to Facebook. Hmm.... this sounds awfully familiar. Will we see the same mass migration from Facebook to Google+ as we did from Myspace to Facebook?

Ironically enough, a clever Youtuber by the name of Alex Day (who is also sometimes arrogant and snobby and just sort of a dick in general...) made a lovely video recently that displayed an excellent amount of satire and sarcasm. A lot of his videos are built off of making fun of things, but he does it in an intelligent way. Or is that just the British accent?

Anyways, this video was posted recently:
All of the 'features' that will be on RealLife are actually things that would normally occur in an actual real life! What a novel idea. After having a very sarcastic English teacher in junior year of high school, I can really appreciate the level of humor that was subliminally put into this.

RealLife forces you to talk to people face to face, and you can't even type or anything else.

The video also brings up a funny concept that many people are friends with people on Facebook that they aren't actually friends with in actuality. Why? Perhaps the answer is brutal honesty -- if someone adds you, and you aren't there friend, just say no. Problem solved. Alex comes to the conclusion that this we need more bastards in the world -- who will not be afraid to exude brutal honesty. Quite honestly, I'm a fan.

Anyways, I've really just repeated a lot of the things from the video -- you can watch it if you wish, as I found it pretty witty and humorous.

The kicker of all of this? It's from Youtube -- one of the biggest social networks available to people today.

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  1. hahaha. I love Alex Day! He's not as great as his dear friend Charlie McDonnell, but I love those boys! But anyway. I agree. I wouldn't even have a Facebook page if there were a way to deactivate mine and keep my business page. Oh well...


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