Friday, July 29, 2011

life update .

I didn't really have anything in mind to write about today, so I'll just settle with writing a little life update. I know at least a few have commented on the fact that I often don't write about the day-to-day life I am living, but instead on topics that are a bit more philosophical. Whether you like that or not, a little refreshment could always be nice right? So here goes nothing.

Well, I obviously am still working at the country club. Things don't seem to change too much there, and the days can be monotonous, but interestingly enough my days in the maintenance department seem better and less repetitive than those spent in the dining department the previous year. People always seem to complain a lot, and I suppose it might be a bit ironic that I complain on here that people complain at work about work. Wow. That was a messy sentence... But, with the summer dwindling down and events becoming less common, things will hopefully ease into a less stressful environment.

On that note, the summer is almost over. Crazy, I know. It's been almost 3 months since I've been home, and August is practically upon us. I used to hate August before college because I hated the feeling that school was right around the corner. But honestly, college isn't so bad, even if it is a lot of work. There are a lot of pluses to being there. Mainly, eating with friends all the time and just being able to hang out with everyone in your major.

Of course, this fall I won't be in Clemson but instead in Barcelona. So since August is almost here, I'm finally feeling a bit of urgency in terms of packing and making sure everything is ready for that. I think that the next two days off I have will devoted to really getting down a list of things I need to get ready for all of that. It's certainly an exciting and nerve-racking process simultaneously.

I've been keeping up with my workout regimen and have been seeing some great results over the course of the summer. I've had my road bike for awhile now and been able to put some serious miles on it too and that has not only been great exercise, but a great way to start the day. I'm totally a morning person... I'd much rather work the 6am-2pm shift than a normal 9-5. After hearing that, it might not be as much of a surprise that I am usually up at 530 or 6 on my days off to go for a 2hr bike ride or so. It's refreshing, and still a bit cool, and when I get home I still have plenty of day left for me to do both what I want and need to do.

I'm looking forward to school and have been reading some neat articles about different types of architecture. I think I may try to incorporate some of these concepts into future models and designs and see how I like it. I'd also like to get some books on styles and building techniques to try to round out a selection of ideas and concepts in my head. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I'd like to be able to have my own ideas too! I'm feeling motivated in respect to school. I'm really going to try to work my ass off and pester people (maybe) into hooking me up with an internship for next summer. After that, there really are no more summers... that sounds incredibly weird to say.

Finally, the females. It seems to be that there are some really cool people out there that I've either met, or stayed in contact with over the summer. Some I have probably dropped the ball on, and should probably apologize for my seeming apathy over friendship or whatever else there might be. As much as I love having a girlfriend and be able to shower them in sweetness and everything else, it just doesn't seem like the right time. With me on imminent leave for Barcelona for four months, anything started would have to be with a solid understanding that it would basically have to end before then. Long distance is one thing, but international is in a whole different realm. That's not to say that there aren't people out there that I believe I could work well with and maybe begin a relationship with. But I think that God just has other plans for me right now. I've always loved the special bond of being with somebody special, and unfortunately that means that I am subconsciously always looking for a 'someone' to devote myself to. That's not always necessarily a good thing... I guess in the end I'm hoping that it'll hit me someday, and I'll meet someone that I connect well with and really click with. I'm sure they're out there somewhere. But in the end, I guess that doesn't matter too much (or shouldn't) until after I get back from Barcelona and settle in at normal school again.

And that's about it! I guess there was a lot more to write about than I thought. I think I like this little update deal; perhaps it'll become a monthly thing, or whenever I feel fit. Hope you guys enjoyed, and are having a great summer as well. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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