Friday, July 15, 2011

"fuckit" .

I had a roommate freshman year of college who was quite an interesting character. After unexpectedly getting placed in a 4 person apartment (as opposed to a dorm) the kid from home I had chosen to room with and I were paired with 2 other random kids, this kid being one of them. Things started out great with the other two but eventually went south, but that's besides the point. We had some pretty interesting talks about a vast variety of subjects, but one that happened to come up was the idea of 'fuckit' as he called it.

Now, I'm sure you're about as lost as I was when I first heard the term. But it was one he often used. 'Fuckit' is a noun, and can be quantified as a whole slew of things in a person that sort of come together as a train wreck does, all at once.

People with a lot of fuckit may be seen as douchebags, self-centered and arrogant, but it could be that they're just self-motivated. Then there's the spin where they have just got some giant cojones, and they don't give a shit about what anyone else says, thinks, or what the rules or even the laws are. They're gonna do what they wanna do. And no one is going to stop them from doing that. In an odd sort of way, I kind of respect that. It's a bit like a 'don't let the man get you down' attitude. But in a more bold sort of way. Maybe I feel that way because I can be a bit blunt and bold myself... okay, let's be honest, I can be really brutally honest sometimes. I think it's probably true that I hurt a lot of people without even knowing it.

They're probably apathetic to some degree, the sort who seems not to have a care in the world and never really stresses about anything. What a life, eh? To never worry about anything -- not because it's not important, but more because you simply don't care. There are some strong points of validity to those sentiments... but perhaps a bit more in moderation and control.

Fuckit doesn't sit well with everyone. But I personally tend to favor the bold since it sometimes helps me break down my own personal walls. Some people wear it really well and others just look like they're trying way too hard (haha, Josh you know exactly who I'm talking about).

Regardless, I sorta dig it and had forgotten about the made-up term until just recently when I was thinking about a random assortment of things. And I just realized that this title is going to be very misleading. Good thing you people actually read these 'til the end....... right?


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  1. It is an attention getter, lol. Parsons would be proud ;)


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