Sunday, July 10, 2011

miguel de cervantes .

Over the past couple of days the quote of the day has been by Miguel de Cervantes. I've decided he's the fuckin' man. Here was today's quote: "As the viper, though it kills with it, does not deserve to be blamed for the poison it carries, as it is a gift of nature, neither do I deserve reproach for being beautiful."

I love it. This old fart is just so cocky and it's awesome. Normally I can't stand people with that sort of arrogance, but this is just hilarious.

In all honesty I have no idea who the guy even is, so I decided to do a little research. Whether it be for my own personal question marks or a short lesson of knowledge to those who actually care, here's what I found out about him:

He was a Spanish novelist and poet, and playwright. He has had such an influence on the Spanish language that is has often been called 'la lengua de Cervantes.' Another nickname is 'The Prince of Wits.'

He was a valet, and then became involved in the military. During his military years he was captured and only released upon a ransom being paid. Later he became a tax collector, though discrepancies in accounts put him in jail.

At this point I finally remember where I had heard the name before! It sounded semi-familiar; I was just not sure. He is the literary genius behind the silly but entertaining story of Don Quixote.

Is it just me or was this guy the honorary badass of the 1500's? I mean come on, talk about living life on the edge. This guy has done it all -- and I most certainly appreciate the wit that is in his quotes of the day.

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