Monday, July 18, 2011

Music Monday #26

This week's song is a Dashboard Confessional favorite of mine, called Get Me Right. Depending on which style you prefer... you can choose to play the acoustic or the original, which both will be posted.

And here's the acoustic..
This is the song I was referring to on the night when I went out to eat alone. I'm not sure what day exactly that what but if you want to read it, check in the sidebar and look for a post called 'the looking-glass' or something to that effect.

People seem to be unsure of whether or not Chris (the lead singer) is a Christian or not. I would say that he is most definitely, and I know that the label a previous band of his was signed to often signed Christian artists. Like Switchfoot, Dashboard Confessional seems to have hints of their struggles and beliefs mixed in with the words of their songs. However, contrary to the others, the message in this song is strikingly clear.

Lines like 'I own a sinner's heart' and 'But Jesus / I've fallen / I don't mind / the rain if / I meet my maker' are really inspiring -- and will always serve as a reminder to myself to "get myself right" and keep on the right path.

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