Saturday, July 2, 2011

glen hansard .

Over the past two days my parents went to pick up my brother from Virginia Tech where he had been for a week taking a summer camp in a field that relates to what he wants to do as a future career. It was very odd having the house completely empty. I almost felt like I should have background elevator music or something just to make a noise in the house. When you are so used to a place having life in it, it's weird to see it empty. I also realized that when I get a place of my own, I don't need or really want it to be very big -- there will just be so much wasted space. It makes the idea of an apartment in the city even more appealing. But, we'll see where the job market takes me.

I also have not really been in contact with anyone for like the past five days. I think I've probably sent one or two texts in that time, and received none in the same time. Crazy thing, my phone battery lasted like 5 days instead of the normal 2 or 1. Amazing what happens when you don't really do anything with your phone... But anyways, yesterday I forced myself to a workout despite the fact that I really really didn't want to. But I was in that sort of mood where I wasn't really wanting to get super pumped up and excited. So, not knowing what to listen to, I put on some soft Seabear. Then switched to Glen Hansard. It hit the spot.

Maybe it was just the emptiness of the house, but I was feeling kind of alone. It made me realize how little I've kept in contact with everyone, both from school and from home. Maybe I've alienated myself subliminally on purpose... maybe I just thought it was easier that way. I could rebuild and rekindle things when I was back at school, which, frighteningly enough won't truly be until January. That's certainly going to be weird.

To those of you from school and whatnot that read this, I'm sorry if I haven't been the best friend. It's never easy being at home and I seem to get caught up in the stresses of work and the little tiny things of daily life that, in the end, don't really matter all that much. I'm not trying to take anyone for granted -- it's just hard. Hard to remember to send everybody things, and talk about this and that. Communication is indeed a two-way street, but I know that sometimes you just gotta suck it up and be the catalyst instead of waiting around for things to happen. I'll try my best to do better.

Glen Hansard, while it may have emphasized the poor mood, actually really helped. There are just so many good lyrics that he has in his songs. And he really writes from the heart. I can totally relate... so before it starts sounding like I have a man-crush on Mr. Hansard, I'm going to stop now. But I sincerely suggest a listen... he's got some amazing live performances as well!

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  1. My exact thought was, "Aww... you and your little man crush." And then I read on.


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