Tuesday, August 2, 2011

little pleasures v. grand scheme .

Every day that we wake up we have to make a choice. Unfortunately there is only so much time in the day with which to do things, and every day you have the opportunity to be incredibly productive or incredibly lazy. It may seem like one day doesn't mean very much, but they seem to add up quickly and fly by even quicker. Here I am sitting typing and the summer is already almost over. It doesn't feel like I've been home for 3 months already.

The daily choices that we have can contribute, in my opinion, to one of 2 things. The little things that you do just because you want to that have immediate gratification and may be a fun time fall under the category of 'little pleasures.' The turnover is immediate, but the overall effect is most likely not long lasting.

Then there are the choices that contribute to the category of the 'grand scheme of things.' These are things that will help you propel you down the course of life, help to set up your future, and maybe seriously affect your life for the better.

Today I have a fair number of things to do, and unlike most days, I wrote them down in a list to sort of keep myself on track. There are a lot of things to do that have to do with things in the upcoming year -- getting a packing list started for Spain, getting all my affairs in order before I leave (set myself up with some Euros in cash to take with me, get my expensive electronics registered with customs so I don't have to pay duty, etc). All of that is a pretty big deal. Then there are things that I just plain have to do, like going to the library to turn in books that are due, or make an instructional video for a friend who is taking over my position in Central Spirit, or do my laundry so I have clean clothes for work this coming week.

But not to worry, I of course allowed myself some free time. I'm hoping to watch a movie tonight with my brother, and go out for a ride 'cause I haven't in about a week. Although I guess exercise could be considered something that will have a long-term effect on my life.

The lesson I think I need to learn here is that if I waste the days where I have the free time, and put off the things that are truly important, I won't get anywhere. Even if it means passing up some fun things and really drilling yourself to get to work, I think it's pretty clear that it'll all be worth it in the end.

Little pleasures or the grand scheme? I think I'll take the grand scheme, thank you very much.

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