Thursday, August 18, 2011

let the rain fall down .

It's storming right now! Without a doubt, storms are awesome to watch, to feel the house shake when it thunders and the flashes blind you when the lightning hits the ground outside your window. Okay, maybe the house shaking is a bit unnerving... but it's still cool to listen to.

Earlier today it started to rain, and there was that sort of not light but not heavy rain, the thing where it just comes down at a steady rate for hours. I thought it was going to last all day, but the day cleared up and eventually got sunny and hot. Anyways, I love that sort of rain. It's kind of like listening to a creek or the ocean waves. It's just something everlasting and the sound never really goes away. To me, it's calming. I like rain at night when I'm sleeping... and I actually don't mind the thunder and such as long as it's not too close. The low rumbles are interesting.

Howeverrrrr, right now, I'm really hoping that we don't lose power because I'd really like to watch my two shows uninterrupted... the only 2 that I really keep up with, which is Burn Notice and Suits. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy the awesome weather! (<-- no sarcasm there)

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