Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Barcelona: Day 8 : Ending a Vacation .

So while some people were off gallivanting in Valencia for La Tomatina Festival, we slept in a bit and got through a workout in the morning. Going to bed at 4am will make you a bit tired... Since the Barcelona weather is practically perfect, we decided it'd be a great idea to just make it a beach day. Nothing too special, but I took a serious chance and went without sunscreen... which is a big deal for me.

Ryan decided to hang back and get his computer outfitted with Windows (which, amazingly he actually bought instead of doing trial versions!) while we were there. I felt very diverse.. we had our American group, while to the right of us there was a small British family. In front of us, there was a group of three German girls, and in front of them a group of French kids.

I was excited to realize that I actually could hear and understand little tidbits of the German. It definitely motivated me to try harder not to lose the abilities I have in the language. I'm going to really put in an effort for Spanish too. I think the trick is probably reading books... That way you just continue to build vocabulary all over the place. Once you get the grammatical stuff out of the way, you just need to build the words! I'm definitely going to hit up the international section of the library when I get back.

We're also going to be traveling to Germany at the end of September, so maybe I can try it out a bit there as well. Being trilingual would be... well, put frankly? Fuckin' awesome.

It's late and we have to be up semi-early to get to the class orientation tomorrow morning. But, another great day is past us and I can't believe we've been here for a week already! The time is sure flying. Just gotta make the best!

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