Wednesday, August 3, 2011

walmart .

After living down at school for 2 years now, I've come to have an extreme love for Walmart. The main reason? They function on college time. Aka open 24 hrs a day. And even better? They have self-checkout. What a novel idea. I love self-checkout, it lets me fly through the checkout line without having to deal with anyone! No bullshit. Amen. And even better, Walmart has just about everything you could possibly ever want. Food, clothes, sleeping things, home items, appliances, electronics, restrooms, pharmaceuticals, skin and hair care products, toiletries, it's truly got it all!

But there are some things about Walmart that are just truly hilarious. A few of them are proven quite well in this video...
Walmart, while it is basically 'the everything store' also has some very odd items. The other day while I was there looking for some exfoliants and other skin care products, my brother and I stumbled upon these things...
Yeah, that's Hair Mayonnaise. And even better? Hair Fertilizer. I'm sorry, but putting lawn products and condiments in my hair sure doesn't sound good... Organic or not... I'll stick to simple shampoo and conditioner. 
Regardless, Walmart has become the last resort and saving grace to a great many super late nights in studio, and the fact that it's so close? Well it can't be beat. So thanks for that.

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