Tuesday, August 2, 2011

anesthesia .

I am subscribed to several email posts that send out daily Bible verses, sometimes along with descriptions, explanations, thought-provoking questions, and personal experiences. Though I'm not always on time reading them, and probably should put more thought and effort into making sure I read it and meditate upon it all instead of just skimming over it, sometimes there are verses and lessons that really catch my eye. The title of a recent email devotional was 'Anesthesia.'

I curious as to see what direction this was going to go in, and kept reading with a bit more enthusiasm than usual. It quickly clarified that it was not talking about your normal pharmaceutical anesthesia. Instead, the post admitted that 'everyone has emotional pain or suffering of some sort.' And that we have 'anesthetizing behaviors that we engage in to relieve emotional pain.'

Well, now this was more like it. Something I could relate to. It listed a lot of things that were common relief catalysts; chain smoking, drinking, sleeping around, shopping, overeating, thrill seeking, over-exercising. I've been a victim of a good few of those myself...

I should have expected what came next, but for some reason didn't. Apparently, we're all looking in the wrong place. The Bible is where we can and should turn to help relieve our emotional woes. It seems like everything come with a step-by-step plan these days, and the Bible is not to be beat. Just take a look in Philippians... the solution?

1. Stop worrying.
2. Pray about everything.
3. Tell God what you need.
4. Thank Him for all He has done.

The end; goodbye emotional trauma.

Though I have a sinking feeling that it's not always that easy. And most likely, sometimes it won't be. But that doesn't mean I can't try. I know for a fact that the first place I go is definitely not the Bible, but maybe rather listening to music, and lying around the house doing nothing and getting lost in thoughts that will only force me to dwell further on the problems at hand.

Rewriting my 'prescription' may in fact yield a better more wholesome life. Who am I to write it off without first trying it?

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