Saturday, August 27, 2011

Barcelona: Day 4 : Lazy Saturday .

Today we all sort of came to realization that it has basically been a vacation, and will continue to be until we start our class orientation on the 1st of September. Vacationing in Spain for a week? Stellar. It's been a great way to get our bearings and find our way around a bit before classes start, and we actually have to (oh my gosh don't say it...) do. work. (shudder)

It's been gorgeous today, and even though we literally didn't leave RESA today (our apartment building) it was nice to relax and do nothing. Go to bed at 3am, sleep until noon, make scrambled eggs for breakfast, go to the gym downstairs, watch Tommy Boy, then eat dinner, then watch The Waterboy, then watch Bridesmaids with some other people, ohhhh how life has been good to me.

Yet while I am here in Spain, there are a lot of worries and anxieties in my thoughts because of the hurricane hitting home currently. It's been rough thinking about all of the people I care about potentially being in very real danger. I've heard it's already getting pretty nuts... and I just want to say that if you people are able to read this, my prayers are with you, as well as my thoughts. I certainly hope that everything will remain intact and okay, and not just you, but your homes and everything else. Hearing that Governor Christie implored people to evacuate was very unreal... I really am just going to be praying hard for a few days. Good luck to you all... and may all of your guardian angels come out in full force tomorrow. God bless, and goodnight from Spain.

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