Tuesday, August 16, 2011

seagulls .

Seagulls, to me, are a reminder of being home. It's been forever since I've actually been to the beach during the day... I'm more of a 'walk along the shore while it's night time with a cool breeze thinking about everything and anything in the world under the moonlight' kind of person. But I used to have this inkling that seagulls were absolutely the most annoying bird in the world. I remember chasing them as a kid the few times that my parents actually took us to the beach (well, my mom would take us, as my dad absolutely detests it).

But this morning, after having it rain and be all wet all over the ground, I took my usual morning walk out to the dumpsters to get rid of the excess newspapers, I heard a few seagulls and happened to see them flying around. It was deathly quiet this morning... but for a faint flap of the flag, a few metal-on-metal noises coming from Billy's garage (he's the mechanic) and these birds. Lately they've been hanging out around there, and I noticed them in particular this morning. Closing my eyes, I could imagine myself sitting down at the beach, those little birds squawking about and trying to get your food without actually getting near you.

I don't know if seagulls are strictly a Jersey thing, and I would certainly imagine that they are not, but I can't recall having ever really seen or heard them in other parts of the coast. I've been on beaches and near the coastlines all up and down the east coast, and they just don't seem to exist.

In some ways it was just another one of those things to bring me back to a different time earlier in life. Sensory nostalgia, I suppose you could call it. Either way, it was just a nice way to kick off my morning. And of course, in perfect form, at that moment, the light sprinkle began to let up and the clouds began to part. It later came back, and continue to lightly rain on and off all day, but it was just one of those days... and to be perfectly honest I enjoyed just letting myself get rained on during the times I walked outside.

Work's not always fun or great or really anything except a pretty stressful job, but this morning was a breath of fresh air, compared to the normal hustle and bustle of the late morning crew.

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