Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Barcelona: Day 1 .

Well, we arrived here at about 915 this morning, Barcelona time, which is about 3am home time. We're 6 hours ahead over here... which can make communicating a bit difficult. Although, because of the flight last night, it's 915pm now and I am plenty tired!

The first day walking around brought about memories of the times I spent in Barcelona last back when I went on my People to People Student Ambassador trip. I recognized some things, and had some good memories floating around. I have to say, the weather is kind of unbearable (for me at least). While some would celebrate for the sunny and hot weather, it is unbearably sticky. I'm talking serious humidity. I already took one shower today and changed once, and I'm going to again before going to bed. We're going to try to go to the beach tomorrow I think, as we noticed yesterday that the wind by the water makes a hot sticky day much much more bearable. And who knows? I may even end up tan.

Finding your way around was simply that -- randomly walking around and seeing what was around. We found a few places to grab food, but are still a bit lost in terms of where the best supermarkets are with the greatest variety. We have a few things, but would really prefer to seriously cook instead of going out to eat, which can get awfully pricy. All in good time I suppose. For today, we just sort of got settled in and unpacked (I was surprised at how small the amount of clothes looked like in the shelves provided...) and spent the day outside.

I'm excited for what is to come. But for now, I'm pooped and need sleep!

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