Tuesday, August 23, 2011

adios .

So it's a mere couple of hours before I roll out to the airport. By this time Ryan should already be at Newark, and I have but to gather my final things to put into my backpack as my carry on. It is an absolutely perfectly gorgeous day, and all things have more or less gone according to schedule and plan. It still hasn't hit me that I'm leaving for so long yet... but it sure will soon! And then of course, while I am pensively staring out the window, the house starts shaking...

Well that was unexpected. I can't remember ever having an earthquake. Of course now the news stations will milk the story until it is bone dry and beat the dead horse until it dies a second time. But that's how news stations are.

Anyways, The next blog I write for you guys will be from Spain. It'll probably be on a bit different time frame due to the difference... but I'll do my best to keep it regular. I'm thinking I might actually start a third blog. Still on the fence about it. I probably won't write as much or as often, but just something where I can post oodles of pictures and captions and little ditties. I have to go finish the finalizations on the packing process, but, wish me luck and say a prayer or two for me! Voy a EspaƱa!

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