Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Miguel de Cervantes once said that "Love is invisible, and comes in and goes out as he likes, without anyone calling him to account for what he does." I love the way that these people metaphorically describe things. I feel like love can bring out the best or the worst in people. And people as much as they like may try to blame their actions on love, but in the end, it's the people who are blamed. Love gets off scot free, and lives to feed the dreams of the hopeless romantics.

Love is always a difficult subject to comment on, especially if you're one of those people who aren't even really sure if you've been in it, or what it means. I think everyone really has their own definition for it. And as long as you fulfill your own definition, shouldn't you be allowed to say that you love someone? In your own eyes, you've met the "requirements."

But one thing is for sure -- love can bring people together. It can make their lives magical, and help them to fulfill their dreams, and have the support of the best person in the world, a person who seems like they were created simply to be with you. Do you believe in soulmates, anyone? I think it's possible. But in the same fleeting instant, it can drive a stake between a couple, where perhaps their understandings of love are not on the same level. People quickly become unhappy and push each other away, blaming the other for doing too little, or doing too much of the 'wrong' things.

And at what point will we "get" it? I think the answer is never. We will continue to point the finger because we can, and because we want to have something to use as a scapegoat instead of inwardly meditating and trying to adjust. If you do something and it doesn't work the first time, why would you continue to do the same thing and just blame something else?

Now time for a silly golf example, to serve as comic relief to all this serious stuff (and because I've been at the club all day, so golf is in my head)....
A man is swinging with a terrible slice. He can't understand what the problem is, and asks the golf pro to look at his swing. The pro points out a few things that he notices, but the man continues to swing the same way. After awhile the pro asks the man why he hasn't tried adjusting anything. The man bluntly replies, 'Well obviously, this club is the wrong size, the wind is blowing the ball, and you're telling me to do the wrong thing.' Ahhhhhh, doesn't that sound familiar?! I think we inherently look for excuses that will take us out from in front of the finger of blame.

However, Mr. de Cervantes, love is most certainly not invisible. It's out there, and I know I've seen it at work, so consider yourself proven wrong!

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