Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Barcelona: Day 70 : Living a Dream .

I think that every person's goal in life is to find something that they truly see as their dream. They can live it fully each day and love every minute of it; to the point where they are obsessed with just life itself. At what point can you consider yourself to be at that point, in that moment? I think that many consider their life dream to be unattainable, but this is a grave mistake -- all it takes is the determination to get there.

It wasn't until I went to Dublin that I realized I had the chance to live one of my biggest dreams -- going to Ireland. I told a few people that we met and got to talking to that it's been a dream for a very long time to come to Ireland, and that it was my first time there and I was absolutely loving it. And that was completely true. In some ways it was just a vacation, but in other ways, it was a chance to feel out whether or not I liked it; whether or not I wanted to potentially live there someday. After staying there for just a few days, already I felt that I knew our way around, and being able to speak English with everyone, especially after not being able to in the other countries we've been to thus far, was, as I've said before, a breath of fresh air.

I hope that people never give up their childhood dreams. I hope that people get to travel to all the places that they want to go to, see the different corners of the world, and that when they get to old age (God-willing) they can look back in awe at all that they have achieved and all the dreams that came true.

Still I am in amazement that it's so easy to travel in Europe and that here in a course of only a few months I've been able to go to Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Köln, and Dublin. It's really pretty insane. But I guess that's what Study Abroad is all about -- experiencing the different places, the different cultures, and the different worlds that exist outside of ours.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a fan. And I can only hope that the doors of opportunity continue to present themselves in reachable distance as I stay in constant pursuit of my dreams.

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