Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Barcelona: Day 82 : A Good Night's Sleep .

Being sick, it's amazing how your body reacts just from not having a good night's sleep. It's all out of whack, you're randomly tired, you fall asleep literally in the middle of doing things (I've dozed off several times alone just sitting here working on blogs). I wouldn't be surprised if there are grammatical and spelling errors in these posts simply because my eyes are half closed. But that's okay.

The weirdest part is the sleep schedule I've been on. Ever since my symptoms got worse, I'll go to bed and only be able to sleep about 2 hours. Then if I get up and walk around, all of a sudden I'm tired again. I spent one night rolling over and over and shifting around, trying to find a comfortable position, to no avail. I don't know whether it was too hot, or I just couldn't sleep at all -- but it was not good. I swear one night I was for some reason inclined to start drawing shapes in the air with my legs, which then turned into buildings. It was like I was building a Spanish city -- but at the same time I had a feeling that all of it was all pointless, and I wanted to stop doing it but I couldn't. So odd.

Last night, I went to bed at midnight exhausted, only to wake up at 2am and feel completely awake. I eventually fell back asleep, but that only took me until 6am, and that was after waking up 4 or 5 more times in between that. I'm hoping that I can get back on a regular sleep schedule... After reading some articles on my computer I eventually got to bed again and slept until 830. Then woke up and ate and drank something, took medicine, and then for some reason was able to sleep again. It's all very strange. It's hard to fall asleep though, because swallowing is just painful, not to mention the awful taste I have in my mouth -- whether that's from the mucus or the medicine.

Sleep: I totally look forward to a good night's one soon. I'm sick of waking up 80 times in the middle of the night... but I just need to be patient, I'll get over this junk soon.

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