Sunday, November 6, 2011

Barcelona: Day 74 : Blog Topic #50: Friends I Can't Wait to Meet .

Throughout life there are so many people that you come across that sometimes it can be hard to keep track of it all. But I think the most interesting part is not the people that we've already met (sorry guys) but the people we have yet to meet. These are the people that I can't wait to meet.

The first person is an adventurer. They basically live out of a suitcase, as nothing will keep them grounded. They don't have a plan and just go where the wind takes them. I imagine them as being a bit rough around the edges, yet friendly in a gruff sort of way. It's the kind of person you need to earn your place with, as they won't give you any free passes. They do what they want to when they want to, and money is never a hindrance to the freedom of their mind. They may be a bit dirty, as washing clothes and staying super hygienic is never really a priority -- after all there are more important things to do in life than blow time on laundry. There's places to explore, roads to eat up under your rubber, and air to sail through. There's no reason to every stop going, to ever slow down, and they travel through their days at the speed of light.

The second person I can't wait to meet is a troublemaker. I've gotten myself into a good bit of trouble, but it's the other people that give me that bit of edge to try something risky that click me into that mode. Say what you will about consequences and legal issues -- but getting yourself into a spot of trouble can be just what the doctor ordered. It's got something to do with that rush -- the knowledge that you could be caught at any second, and be locked away. I'm not talking about robbery or anything of the sort. This person just lives on the edge. They're into graffiti and spray their tag come nightfall, leaving their mark in the places they go. In my eyes, graffiti always has been and always will be a beautiful way to express our freedom of speech. Vandalism my ass. This person is a risk-taker, and just because someone says they can't do it doesn't mean that they won't try. I'd love to have that person to just go around and have some good old fashioned fun with, to just be a bit of a kid again.

The third person is the multi-athlete. The person that loves the sports that I do, that would giggle at the opportunity to go sky diving, base jumping, or hang gliding. The one who would 'leap' at the opportunity to jump out of a plane with naught but a parachute. The one who would travel the world to be dropped off at the top of a snow-covered mountain by helicopter, and slice through the untouched powder, knowing that there is a severe chance that an avalanche will break at any minute. The one who will ride the mountains on a bike in the off season, and pack up and take their board with them everywhere they go in hopes that they'll find the snow.

The fourth person is the musical enthusiast. Not only an avid concert attendee but a self-taught musician, this person does their best to soak up any musical knowledge that they can. They've recorded their own things and never do it for the money, but simply for the love of the game. They will never be sucked into mainstream media, but it doesn't matter as long as they get the chance to hear themselves on their own stereo. They'll work with you and teach you, and you can see the magic begin and feel it tickle your eardrums, and you get chills just hearing them in their element.

The last person is, quite frankly, the love of my life. I'm hoping that they person I (hopefully) marry is not only a partner in marriage, but a fantastic friend. Someone that you know you can trust fully and just be able to do anything and everything and have a good time. I can't explain it really any better than that at the moment, so I'll leave it there.

In some ways, I wonder if these people are every bit a part of me. That perhaps, these are the people I wish I was, or someday hope to become. Maybe they've even already taken root years ago. After all, the friends we hope to meet most likely have the same interests as ourselves, yes? A mixture might be tough, as they would all be grappling for the reigns of control, and one day one will emerge as the winner. But for now, I'm content with myself and who I've become over the years, and can't wait to live the rest of life.

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