Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Barcelona: Day 79 : Busy, Busy .

Well. It's been awhile now, and I've fallen a bit behind on writing...I could make a lot of valid excuses, but I mean, when can you not make excuses? Things have been busy here; and as mentioned in the previous post the workload has seemingly increased. As of right now we only have about 3 weeks left of classes, as final reviews for studio are December 1st and 2nd.

How is it that every semester seems to absolutely fly by? It doesn't matter if it's here in Spain or back in Clemson, they just seem to go very fast. Sometimes, I can't complain. But other times, I realize that my time in undergraduate study is rapidly running out. I can't believe I'm already a junior, lived for 21 years, etc etc. My brother will be starting college next year, which is huge. There are a lot of things that are just flying by. Soon I'll be done with undergraduate and move on to bigger and better things at graduate school, or hopefully an internship.

And thus, the business continues. Life is funny that way, if you don't stick your foot out to stop the train every once in awhile it'll start moving at light speed and pretty soon you'll miss everything. I guess it's just blowing my mind how fast all of this is going, and my life in general. And that's really all.

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