Thursday, November 17, 2011

Barcelona: Day 84 : Ron Paul .

This is going to be very odd, because I never ever talk about politics -- mainly because often I am ill-informed and ignorant (my own doing, I don't look too much into it). I missed the last presidential election by a mere 4 days, as it was on Tuesday the 4th of November, and my 18th birthday came the 8th. I was mildly gung ho for Obama at that time, though I'll be the first to admit that I didn't look too far into policy. I just thought it would be cool to be a part of an election that brought the first black man into office. We could argue he's only half black or mulatto, or fuck let's just call him a dark chocolate cappucino while we're at it; technicalities = blah blah blah shut up. But this time, perhaps I shall be a bit more prepared for election season. That is, of course, much later.

Now, this election has of course brought about many more twists. More women running: You have deer-in-headlights Michelle Bachmann, the dim-witted Sarah Palin (is she still even in the running after mysteriously randomly ending her bus tour thing?) and who knows who else. I'm sure there are more. Then you got people like Herman Cain in the news lately for who knows what, I haven't bothered to read his stories but he looks like a blundering idiot as it is and has somehow managed to over attract media attention. Then you have Rick Perry who has magically forgotten key points to his new policies as potential commander in chief. Let's just call him "the Oops Man."

Now, I'll admit that I haven't looked too far into things. But at the moment, I like Ron Paul. Originally Libertarian and now a potential Republican candidate, he seems like the no-bullshit kind of guy we could use. Why is it so hard to just ask politicians to give it to us straight? No beating around the bush, no hidden read between the lines rubbish, no focuses on stupid trivial things while we have a war, an economic crisis, and a huge percentage of unemployment going on.

Of course, I'm going to do my homework more. You can't simply believe everything someone says. You have to look at allllll their policies. And in the end, you end up picking the least of the evils. But I think we might have a winner. I'm mildly inspired. But rest assured, I want to check everyone out and give them their fair shot -- well, maybe not the Oops Man... lol.

[ps: really hoping I don't cause some massive political upheaval on here...]

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  1. I voted for Ron Paul in the Republican primary for the last election. Freakin' McCain.


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