Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Barcelona: Day 98 : Inspiring Verses .

I get several devotionals sent to my email each day; three to be exact. I also have my actual devotional book that I read -- often I'm behind in that though. But one of the three that is emailed is just a Daily Bible Verse. There is no explanation or reflection on it; you kind of get to do that on your own. But today's really hit me a bit. Here it is:

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.
Proverbs 19:21

This is sort of related to destiny or fate. Do you believe in it? Do you believe that there is some sort of higher purpose that you were put here for, that you are meant to fulfill? We'd all like to believe that we have purpose in life. Some believe that it is our responsibility to find that purpose on our own. I think that gifts are given in appropriation, and that our lives will be enriched by the Lord when the time is right. Being that this month is November and usually associated with Thanksgiving, it's important to realize these gifts and be thankful and grateful. Some are given at birth; a sense of humour or a certain talent that is carried with you.

I've always made a bit of a list of things that I want to do in the future, whether it's thing I want to accomplish or events I want to happen or trips I want to take. It has room for improvement and adjustment, but here's to hoping it'll all work out. Yet this passage made me realize that no matter how many things we plan, no matter how many assumptions we make regarding our lives, and no matter how many expectations we have of what's to come, there is only one will that is above all, and that's God's.

I know I've been writing recently more and more about religion and how it is affecting my life. I'm hoping that this means I've begun to repair and regain a closer relationship with my faith. I'll be honest; I'm not usually one to prophesy about religion or talk so openly and often about it. But I've felt compelled to, and honestly I like it. It's inspiring.

And thus I am compelled to believe that we do indeed have a purpose. Maybe even multiple purposes. In some ways I think that we don't know them yet, and we're not allowed to know it. You know how often someone will ask how you will know who the girl you're supposed to marry is, and the response is that you'll just know? In regards to these moments where you're meant to shine, I think you'll just know. You'll feel something that pulls you like nothing you've felt before, and you'll just have to do it. It might be volunteer work, or something else. Either way I think that your "callings" if you will will be able to greatly affect people and really be able to change their lives in a positive way. Call it karma, or coincidence, or religion. It'll happen.

Now that I think about it, I'm thinking that maybe this blog was one of those things. I don't know how many people really read it and read it regularly, but I'm hoping that it's made a difference, made an impact; inspired. But who really knows eh? I'm just excited for the things that have been planned for me in the future.

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