Friday, December 23, 2011

back in the saddle .

This coupling of words constitutes a grouping of 2 meanings in my life today -- the first being that tomorrow, I am going to try to get back on the bike for the first time since I went away to Europe (boy was that hard not being able to ride..) and also getting back into the mix of America.

In all honesty, I don't find that I am having too much of a problem adjusting back to life here. The only thing that might be a bit difficult is just getting back on a sleep schedule that is 6 hours back from what I was used to. Point proven; I'm writing this at 1am Eastern time which means that it's 7am in Barcelona -- needless to say, I'm tired. But I seem to have taken the adjustment pretty much in stride -- went back to work the next morning after I flew back, have been able to relax at home and sleep in my own bed. It's been nice.

Unfortunately, I highly doubt that my first ride out on the bike again will be nice. My legs are going to be rubber, my lungs are going to be full of crap, and I'll probably eat it at some point. It's raining right now, so I'll have to make a judgement call on what I want to do in the morning -- I was planning on going out to Allaire to ride the mountains and the dirt with a guy from work, but if it's too muddy... might be better to try to get out on the road. We shall see. Here's to hoping I can get back into my exercise routine without a hitch. Then of course there's the lifting routine that needs to start back up again on Monday -- I took off some time from that because of Norway, and since I only have a few more days in Barcelona after that, I decided that I'd just wait until I got home.

There are more things on my plate that I need to get done (guarantor forms and car registration and school books purchases and whatnot...) so let's hope I remember to get everything done. Regardless, nice to be back in Amurrika and nice to be on break! The saddle is getting more comfortable by the minute...

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  1. Love this post...getting back to a routine...that you actually like and miss is always so satisfying. Take yr time. No rush. Feel it all and enjoy the process.


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