Saturday, December 17, 2011

Barcelona: Day 116 : Christmas spirit .

I don't begin to think about Christmas until only about 10 days before Christmas. I hate Christmas music, and even plug in my headphones while we put up the tree (though these days I am never home to partake in that anyways). I hate the commercials you see on TV that seem to start after Halloween, and I hate the stores being full of people when all I want to do is meander and browse in peace. While many may call me a Scrooge, I beg to differ. I just celebrate differently. There are still some songs that I enjoy, and I do like giving gifts -- actually much more so than receiving. I'd like to think I put a lot of effort into getting a great gift for somebody, something that will mean something and that they'd really appreciate. I try not to ask for much... though it's hard when you always want new things, and sometimes just need new things.

But today, and even in Norway a bit, I sort of found the Christmas spirit a bit. While in Norway, we passed through this new upscale section of Oslo on a peninsula, and it was all very ritzy, but with all the Christmas lights up and decorations it seemed like a fantasy land out of a movie.

Second, when we originally arrived and were on the Flytoget train into the city centre, there was snow all over. I love getting outside and being able to see my breath and just enjoying the cold weather -- bundling up in jackets and scarves and gloves, and the warm feeling and the tingles as you return to the warm temperature of the house. I've always loved having a fire in the fireplace too, but my family doesn't do that much as it's a good bit of work not only to do but also to clean up.

While in Oslo, we heard a good bit of Christmas music also, and for one of the first times, I actually sort of enjoyed it. It was nice to have that sort of good feeling instead of a one of disgust. Perhaps it has something to do with being overseas and these things bring a bit of home into my foreign life.

That being said, a few of us that are still here watched a Christmas movie tonight; Miracle on 34th Street. I forgot how good it was -- though there are a lot of good Christmas movies out there. Call me a Scrooge if you will, but I may not be in as much of a bah humbug mood as you thought...

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