Monday, December 19, 2011

Barcelona: Day 118 : going home .

I spent the majority of today packing up my life here to go home. 2 suitcases and a backpack later, I'm ready to go. It honestly didn't take very long because I sorta started 2 days ago or so, so I've been slowly getting it done. Everything fit no problem, which is good (always nice to know your suitcases won't explode on the way home...). I must say, I'm so thankful that Kendall stayed in my room the past few days. It would have otherwise been incredibly lonely and depressing.

It blows my mind that we have been here for almost 4 months already. Where has the time gone? I wonder if I'll feel that I missed out on anything when I get home. What is it going to be like adjusting to life there? I can't even begin to imagine that sort of a change. I'll have to assimilate to a culture that I came from; how weird is that? Will I be so used to Spanish and Barcelonian customs that I will struggle with this?

I'm sure this will be the case, as friends that have been gone only 6 weeks have struggled in the same sort of way with re-entry. It will be very weird to not see the people I was here with too. The teachers are one thing, because you really only expect to see them during class.. but in terms of the students; you see them all the time. They are really your only link to home and to something American, and they speak fluent English too, which brings you closer together on the same level as it is.

Being packed and ready to go now, though, makes me itching to get going. We're not jumping into a cab until sometime after 4am, but I have all my things packed just about, with the exception of my laptop, and let me tell you I am ready to go home. I just want to be on that plane headed back to America. It won't help I have to wait in the airport for awhile just to check in and get going. But hey, that's life. I'm going to stop complaining now....

Send a prayer my way for safe travels back home. I appreciate it! Next post you get will be home -- my real home.

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  1. Thank you so kindly for your comments! Nice to know someone is enjoying my ramblings. I'm enjoying your blog very much as well. Safe flight home. It's already a good trip when packing goes smoothly ;)


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