Friday, December 9, 2011

Barcelona: Day 108 : Final Goodbyes .

So, Ryan's been packing pretty much all day. It's hard to condense four months of your life into a few suitcases. Somehow though, we're all going to have to do it. I'm not excited for the packing process; I'm going to be perfectly honest. It's amazing that the time here is coming to a close and we are all moving on the next chapter of our lives. I think that the most awakening thing will be that Ryan won't be in the room any more at all for the next 10 days. Granted, some of that time will be while I'm in Norway, but it still leaves about 5 or 7 days where I'm just here in RESA, without a roommate.

I always think about what it would be like to completely live on my own. Part of me really wants that, to feel like I'm truly individually taking the world by storm. I can say that I made it here myself, and I wouldn't have any issues about cleaning or anything else. At the same time though, it's sort of nice to have roommates. It's kind of strange, because even if you don't say a word to each other all day, you can take solace in the fact that you have company right there.

This stay in Barcelona was particularly interesting because it was simply one room -- this is the first time I've really had this experience. That one room is your living room, your bedroom, your closet and your kitchen. The only thing that's separate is the bathroom, and that's just a tiny hole in the wall. Thus, when your roommate leaves, it feels empty, as I'm sure it will tomorrow.

We went to this giant Ikea today in the Pla├ža Europa area, close to the Toyo Ito building I mentioned a few weeks ago. Kendall, Tim, Ryan and I decided afterwards that we would head out to dinner at Atlas and grab a hot sub to sort of commemorate Ryan's departure in the morning. It was a genuinely fun day, and while I have my last independent travel paper sort of hanging over my head, I know it'll get done eventually.

I wish Ryan and any others who are on their way back home to the states within the next few days, and I also wish my brother a happy 18th birthday! Both are quite a big deal, and hopefully all travelers stay safe and get home without a hitch.

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